"Children remind us to treasure the smallest of gifts,
  even in the most difficult times."
 ~ Allen Klein 

What we offer



Every student has an individualized program developed just for them and this is modified constantly as your child progresses. All children have very clearly defined objectives and goals, data is taken for every protocol, which means that if your child is not learning the skills we are able to identify it early and change our method of how we are teaching.

As our programs are developed for each individual child to our focus is to teach them pivotal foundation skills for future success. We use specialized teaching techniques which are research based to ensure the student is learning at the maximun rate, ie Discrete trial as well as errorless learning.

Our individual programs provide curriculum development across all developmental areas of need in order to ensure successful skill development as well as generlisation of these skills across people, materials and enviornments

A few examples of our areas of development:

- learning how to learn

- language and communication

- play skills

•     Social skills

•     Cognitive/ academic skills

•     Motor skills

•     School/Pre-school readiness behaviours

•     Daily living skills

Learning is fun, and we ensure that the child has a positive enjoyable learning experience and this is shown in the childs program, where we create a balance of work and play with fun activities


New ABA Packages

Center based programs

The teaching environment at the center offers opportunties for your child to learn in a 1:1 setting. The center based option allows for great oversight by our behaviour analyst as well as opportunities for social interaction with other children, a toy and play area, program materials and parent observation via cameras without the distractions of home.


Morning plan 8:30 – 11:30am

Afternoon plan 12:30 – 3:30pm

Whole day plan 8:30 – 3:30 pm

2:1 Center based programs

This program caters for a group program, 2 children with 1 tutor. Each child still has individual goals which are met and tracked. Once again being at the center allows for great oversight by our behaviour analyst as well as opportunities for social interaction with other children, program materials and parent observation via cameras.

Morning plan 8:30 – 12:30pm

Group Program

This is an exciting new project where we offer a quality group program with intensive behaviour intervention. We have a ratio of 1:5 in group segments of the day. Every child receives 1,5 hours of 1:1 behaviour intervention during the course of the day (7,5hrs of behaviour intervention every week). Both teachers and therapists are trained in behaviour intervention, it includes expert consultation for program supervision and parent training.

Shadowing and Homework groups.

CBC offers shadowing support to children who require facilitators at school. They will be trained correctly and will follow a well designed program that has been put togther by a behaviour consultant. We want to ensure a positive and easy integration into a main stream school.

The program will be designed around an initial meeting with parents. Where we will discuss academic and medical history of the child. We will then visit the school and observe the child in this setting during class time and play time, this will be followed by a meeting with all teachers that are involved with the child at school. A program will then be designed around all the information collected. A final meeting will then be held with parents and teachers where we will discuss the plan as all member involved play a critical role in the success of the intervention.

Regular meeting with parents and teachers will be organized, and regular feedback with the tutors to ensure maximun learning progress happens.

We also offer homework groups. If your child is in a school setting, and requires extra homework lessons after school this can be organized, by one of our trained professionals. We will intergrate behaviour intervention with their homework to ensure maximun progress is achieved.

Social Dance Sessions