"Children remind us to treasure the smallest of gifts,
  even in the most difficult times."
 ~ Allen Klein 

About Special Kids Clubhouse

(ABA) Applied Beh...

CBC provides Applied Behavior Analytic (ABA) therapy services with emphasis on Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior. We use the Assessment...

Verbal Behaviour

Verbal behaviour is B.F. Skinners analysis of language, which has been applied with the principles of behaviour analysis to accelerate...

Our Support Group

"The Special Kids Clubhouse Support Group is a recently established support group for all parents of children with special...

What we offer

Every student has an individualized program developed just for them and this is modified constantly as your child progresses. All...

A few examples of our areas of development:

- learning how to learn

- language and communication

- play skills

•     Social skills

•     Cognitive/ academic skills

•     Motor skills

•     School/Pre-school readiness behaviours

•     Daily living skills

Learning is fun

and we ensure that the child has a positive enjoyable learning experience and this is shown in the childs program, where we create a balance of work and play with fun activities